Web Design Company Orlando Answers: Why Responsive Design Is No Longer Optional?

In the past, many of the web design company Orlando experts commonly used Fixed or Static Web Design. It used a fixed page size that remained the same no matter what device or screen size you were using. However, this method has a major problem: the website will only look good on the screen size it was designed for.

It doesn’t adjust to fit different screen sizes or device types because the layout is fixed. As a result, users will have to horizontally scroll to view the entire page, making it difficult and inconvenient to navigate. This leads to frustration and confusion for users, especially those on handheld devices or unique screen sizes.

Fixed websites have become outdated. Due to the increasing use of mobiles, tablets, and online shopping, this style of web design is no longer practical. From 2017 onwards, mobile website traffic has exceeded desktop traffic, reaching a peak of 52.6% in 2019.

Going RWD Will Put You Ahead

Many of your users likely access your site using mobile devices, and this trend is only growing. It’s crucial to prioritize convenience and comfort for your users to ensure they don’t turn to competitors.

To achieve this, create a responsive web design (RWD) that accommodates all devices. Prioritize a mobile-first approach to cater to mobile users, and choose fonts that are easy to read on any device. This way, your site will be accessible and user-friendly for all.

Better Offline Experiences

By adopting responsive web design, you provide an exceptional offline browsing experience to web design company Orlando customers. This is especially important given the increasing use of smart handheld devices.

Utilizing responsive designs will give you an edge in today’s competitive market. It will enable you to cater to a broader audience and enhance customer satisfaction regardless of their devices.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to consider reaching out to a reputable developer to create a responsive design for your website.

Better Sales Figures And Conversions

The site experience is set to improve significantly. This is because the browsing experience will be consistent across all devices such as computers, mobiles, and tablets, regardless of their make or operating system, be it Android, Windows, Blackberry, or iOS.

With this seamless experience, users are more likely to convert into customers. Barriers that previously existed on different devices are eliminated, resulting in improved sales figures. The use of responsive design is key to achieving this.

Easier Site Management

Maintaining multiple websites for different purposes was challenging. However, with a responsive design, managing a single website is easier and less expensive. By maintaining only one website, you save time and focus on other crucial aspects of your business. This will help you achieve better results and increase your productivity.

Better Site Analytics And Monitoring

In the past, tracking site performance across various channels required different analytics tools for each device. But with responsive web design by web design company Orlando, you simplify the process.

You only need to use one monitoring tool like Google Analytics to track your site’s performance across all devices. This unified report makes analysis easier and helps you identify areas for improvement.

By streamlining the monitoring process, you will have better control over your site’s performance.

Lesser Expenses And Time

Gone are the days when you had to spend more time and money creating separate mobile sites. With responsive design, you get to create a single site that caters to all devices.

There is no need for separate site creation. By adopting a responsive design, you save a lot of time and money as you only need to invest in a single site.


RWD is about making sure your website meets the needs of every customer of a web design company Orlando. It involves techniques that ensure all users have the same browsing experience, regardless of their device or operating system. This makes your site accessible to a wider audience and increases your chances of converting visitors into customers.

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