Top 10 Tips To Spruce Up Your Resume For Job Search In 2023

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Have you not updated your resume and are looking for new ways to do it? In such a case, you may muddle over where to start and how to make your CV stand out. Writing a persuasive resume is an art you can master by practicing correct and effective strategies. You have a short time and limited viewing time in which you have to impress, plus sell yourself to the recruiter. 

Ideally, the curriculum vitae has to showcase you as a person, your experience, skills, achievements, and what you can bring to your target employer. A CV is your first impression and has the power to land you your desired job. Hence, if you are looking for new tips, search no more, as we have gathered ten practical resume-writing tips in one place. 

Top 10 Tips To Spruce Up Your Resume For Job Search In 2023

Read this blog to learn the secret ingredients to help you stand out and land the job of your dreams in 2023. 

1. Avoid Making A Comprehensive List Of Your Career History

Many individuals commit a blunder by making their resume a comprehensive list of career history. Avoid such a practice; make it a curriculum vitae that can effectively sell you. Therefore, whenever you send it to a company, highlight only relevant skills and accomplishments to the target job. Even if it means you do not list all your career experiences. This practice is called tailoring the document and helps the hiring manager see why you are the perfect fit. 

2. Throw Away Your Objective Statement

Objective statement has become old-fashioned in 2023. The only time you should use it is when encountering a career change. Use this section to explain why your experiences do not match the position you are applying to. Besides, if you are running out of time and want a professional curriculum vitae, outsource to any top CV writing service Ireland. The experts will help you land your dream job in 2023. 

3. Create A Resume Outline

Creating a resume can make your heart flutter, and you might keep postponing it. It might result in losing the opportunity. Tailoring a document is undoubtedly hectic, but creating an outline makes the job easy. Create a file on your computer, including information regarding previous positions, tailored bullet points for different applications, etc. Then, every time you craft a CV, copy relevant details and paste them into your curriculum vitae. 

4. Keep The Relevant Information On Top

A hiring manager must review many curriculum vitae before hiring a candidate for a specific position. In such cases, they do not have much time to pore over every word of the file. They will merely spend a few minutes and decide to select or reject for the next phase. Therefore, the key is to hook the recruiter in the first minute, so they keep analyzing your CV. And the best way to do it is by keeping the relevant information on top, whether it is your experiences or skillset. 

5. Keep It Short And Sweet

Many individuals either include every tiny detail or repeat the same information to make their CVs long. It makes a negative impression on the recruiter. Therefore you should keep your curriculum vitae as short and sweet as possible. If you have vast relevant and significant experiences plus a skillset, go for two pages. Otherwise, if you can place the content on one page neatly, then there is no need to increase space. 

6. Select The Suitable Format

An essential aspect of creating a catchy resume is selecting a suitable format. While choosing the suitable one for yourself, you will come across many options like functional or combination format. However, we suggest using a reverse chronological one where your recent experiences appear first. So far, it is best to hook your recruiter. 

7. Include Suitable Links

If you feel you can’t include all the necessary information in the curriculum vitae or want to show your work, include links. You can insert a link to your website, online portfolio, samples of your work, and professional social media profiles. Ensure the links you share have relevant information that will make you appear the perfect fit for the potential position. However, a leading job application form writing service expert suggested including links separately and avoiding hyperlinking with the words. 

8. Highlight Your Contact Info

You no longer need to share your address in the CV in 2023. It has gotten too out of trend. Instead, highlight your contact info and email address, and ensure it is not affiliated with your previous or current job. 

9. Understand How ATS Works

You must have heard that hiring managers are using computers to read resumes and make the final selection decision. It isn’t exactly true. However, it is a fact that they are using various software like applicant tracking systems. The tool scans and organizes CVs to make it easier for a recruiter to find the most relevant candidates. So, the odds are high that your curriculum vitae will interact with ATS at one point. Therefore, the more you learn about this software, the greater your chances of getting an interview call. 

 10. Increase The Skimmability

As we mentioned above that recruiters race against time. Therefore, they merely dedicate a few minutes to every curriculum vitae. So if you want to boost your chances of getting hired, help the recruiter get the necessary and relevant information possible. One trick to make it happen is choosing a neat and captivating design for your CV to increase skimmability.


The process of finding an excellent job with a lucrative salary is challenging. It gets more complicated when you look for a while but haven’t got a single call for an interview. A significant reason behind this dreadful situation is your poor CV. As the hiring manager will judge you by your curriculum vitae, you must present yourself best. Thus, we shared ten resume writing tips to help you stand out and land your desired position in 2023.

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