How to Watch Sky Go on Samsung Smart TV?

sky go on samsung tv

Sky Go is a platform using which you can watch plenty of things such as you can watch events, programs, movies, series, sports, etc on your big screen and it is a platform which is compatible with all devices hence, you do not need to worry about it. 

In case you access a Samsung smart tv and you wish to know if you can activate sky go on Samsung tv then this is the perfect blog for you as in this blog you will get to know the exact steps using which you can download as well as activate sky go on your Tv. 

The only problem you will face is that there is no direct process for this hence, you might have to deal with some discomfort. 

Getting sky go on your Samsung smart tv in easy ways – 

There are plenty of ways using which you can get the sky go application your device and in this blog you will get to know the ways which have been the most effective.

You need to begin with connecting your smart tv with the pc you are going to use for downloading sky go with the help of hdmi port. 

Once, both the devices are connected you will now be able to detect your smart tv as second monitor, now you should open a browser on your PC and look for sky go app. 

When you find it you should install it and then open the application, following which you can play any content you want on it and it will stream on your TV as well. 

You should ensure that you have updated your smart tv before beginning this process so that you do not face any difficulty later on with the process. 

Getting sky go with the help of an android device 

For this you should first turn on your tv and also the android device you are going to use, following which you should pair both of them with stable internet connection which will present screen mirroring option in front of you on the TV. 

You have to opt for that option and in this step you should switch on the mirroring option on the android device you are using as well. 

Now, you are required to get to the Google play store option on the android following which look for sky go and get it installed and downloaded on your android device. 

Now, once it is downloaded you can now open it and play any of the content you wish to watch and when you are playing the content you should look for cast icon on your android device and when you find it, make sure to click on it. 

Now, the list of the available devices will come in front of you and from the list you can opt for Samsung smart tv and you will get sky go samsung tv and TV will be mirrored on the android device as well. 

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