Snapchat AI: How to Get on My Phone?

how to get snapchat ai

Snapchat AI is a new feature that has been available for users of Snapchat for free, but if you are not able to get Snapchat AI on your account, then this is the right blog for you to get the details.

In this blog, we are going to tell you why I can’t add my AI to Snapchat so that you can try the fixes and get the feature on your device.

Snapchat AI Chatbot: What Is It?

Snapchat AI is a system that is similar to Chat GPT and Bing Chat and can answer all your questions for you, give you advice, and also generate content for you.

The AI will also help you make plans, recommend filters, and offer you new lenses. You can also play games, and you can engage in friendly conversations with the AI as well.

While Snapchat AI is available for users of the app, there are still some people who are unable to get this feature on their accounts. This is why they want to know how to get Snapchat AI, and if you also want to know about this blog, then this is the blog to which you can refer.

Ways You Could Get the Ai Snapchat on Your Account

If you have not gotten your AI yet, here are some things that you can try:

Directly From the Chat

Sometimes, if your Snapchat application isn’t updated, you might not see the Snapchat AI feature; hence, you need to update it.

  • For updating, you should first open the Play Store, following which you should now look for the Snapchat application, hit the update button, and then see when the application has been installed. You have to open it and see if the Snapchat AI is now available for you or not.
  • After opening the application, you should now swipe on the right side of the main camera screen, which will lead you to the chat option, and on the first part, the My AI option will be available for you.
  • After opening my AI, you should now message what you can do, and the AI will respond to you.

Try Force Enable

If you haven’t received your AiI after the update of the app, then you can try this other method. In this method, you need to force Snapchat Plus.

  • Open Snapchat on your mobile phone and click on the profile icon.
  • From there, you need to click on the “Snapchat+” option under your profile.
  • When you move on to the next page of Snapchat+, you need to click on the next button.
  • Click on Start a Free Trial”.
  • When you select the free trial, you can use its features for 7 days. And then you can try your Snapchat AI.

Final Words

We hope that the details that have been offered to you about how to get an AI on Snapchat have been helpful and beneficial for you and that you have been successfully able to learn more about this feature of Snapchat.

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