The best memory foam mattress Ultimate Guide

For most sleepers, the greatest memory foam mattresses provide body-cradling comfort, head-to-toe support, and deep pressure alleviation. We examined a wide range of all-foam beds from renowned companies to bring you our top-rated results. These include memory foam mattresses in a variety of price ranges, from inexpensive to luxurious, and for a variety of sleep styles.

Many of our top picks are all-foam models. Memory foam mattresses typically great in pressure reduction – they will cushion your joints, making them a wonderful alternative for people with aches and pains. They can also excel at motion isolation, absorbing one bedmate’s motions so that the other can receive a genuinely restful, uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Advances in sleep technology mean that newer models are far better at temperature management as well, but keep in mind that all-foam beds (especially cheap ones) will almost always sleep a little warmer than hybrids or classic innerspring models.

What are the prices of memory foam mattresses? Prices range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, but there are mattress discounts all year to help you save – you’ll often find the biggest deals over key holidays, such as this year’s Memorial Day mattress sales.

Every mattress on our list comes with a trial period to give your body plenty of opportunity to acclimatize to it. Scroll down for our top rated memory foam mattress selections for 2023…


Nectar Sleep wins the top spot in our memory foam mattress guide because it is not only comfy and supportive, but also is excellent value for money. We tested the medium firm Nectar Memory Foam mattress for two months and fell in love with it. This all-foam mattress has a soft, quilted cover that is designed to keep you cool. Three inches of memory foam are then added, followed by a layer of support foam, a robust foundation layer, and a non-slip lower cover.

In our tests, the Nectar performed admirably. We noted outstanding edge support – so you can use the entire sleep surface and sit safely on the edges – and very minimal motion transfer, making the Nectar Memory Foam mattress a suitable choice for couples, and anyone with a restless spouse in particular. Temperature regulation was also good, even in hot summer conditions, but if you really struggle with overheating, there are some specialised cooling models further down our ranking.With a firmness rating of 6.5 out of 10, it’ll suit most people and sleep positions, however we’d suggest it most to side sleepers (it’s one of the best mattresses for side sleepers). The contouring of the memory foam comes into its own here, cushioning the hips and shoulders while you sleep in this position. One of our stomach-sleeping reviewers felt their hips sinking in too much in this position, so if this is your favored position, you might be better off with something firmer, such as the Siena at #2.

You’re getting a good mattress for your money here, but the additions boost the value even further. The full year trial and lifetime guarantee are among the most generous on the market, and one of Nectar’s regular specials also includes a slew of sleep accessories. If you’re searching for a versatile all-arounder at an affordable price, the Nectar is the greatest memory foam mattress you can buy.
The Siena Memory Foam mattress is our best budget selection, outperforming its low price in terms of quality. It’s much stiffer than you’d anticipate from a memory foam mattress, with very little’hug’. This makes it an excellent choice for stomach and back sleepers, as these postures necessitate a more supportive sleep surface to keep the spine properly aligned. Side sleepers, on the other hand, may benefit from something with greater give around the shoulders and hips (the Nectar at #1 is a fantastic option, as is the Puffy at #4 for something super-soft).
We were delighted by the edge support and motion isolation on offer in our tests, making it a suitable alternative for individuals who share a bed and don’t want to be bothered by wriggly partners. While more expensive memory foams will provide better temperature regulation, the Siena did a good job of not trapping body heat.
The most evident sensation you’ll have while resting on the Tempur-Adapt is how tightly it hugs your body. This makes it the ideal memory foam mattress for persons who enjoy the feeling of being cradled and who suffer from neck, hip, back, and knee pain, as the Tempur-Adapt reduces pressure in all of those regions. It employs the brand’s well-known NASA-developed Tempur material to relieve pressure points while also reacting to your own body shape, temperature, and weight. In our tests, all of our reviewers felt that it was most comfortable in a back-lying posture.

We were especially impressed by the motion cancellation going on here, with the Tempur Adapt swiftly absorbing movements so that you and your spouse don’t wake each other up with your squirming. The one area where it failed us was in temperature regulating. The cover is supposed to be cooling, and the open-cell Tempur material is supposed to improve breathability while sleeping, but we found it slept warmer than other beds we’ve tested. If you know you suffer from nighttime overheating, consider the Ghostbed Luxe at #5, or look through our cooling mattress guide for other specialized options. While it is an investment, Tempur-Pedic mattress sales occur from time to time, so you may not have to pay the full list price. Read More

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