Explore the Best Construction Equipment in India from CAT & Volvo

Explore the Best Construction Equipment in India from CAT & Volvo

The landscape of the Indian infra industry is constantly evolving. Several breakthrough innovations have made their way into the market over the past few decades. Subsequently, the heavy-duty sector has been a major supporter, facilitating this growth. Rightly so, this sector manufactures a wide range of heavy-duty equipment to cater to varying project needs. Starting from construction, mining, and plantation.

2 Best Construction Equipment from CAT & Volvo

CAT 950 GC Wheeled Loader

This is one of the best-selling models from CAT India. To begin with, the machine has an operating weight of 18848 kg. Such a massive capacity delivers excellent work output. Additionally, this wheeled loader can generate up to 202 HP, thanks to its high-performing engine. Moreover, with a bucket capacity of 3.5 cum, this machine can store heavy materials in bulk at once.

What’s further interesting is 10503 kg of tipping load full turn. Besides, the ground clearance capacity of 457 mm increases operating efficiency in a compact area. Above all, the CAT 950 GC price in India ranges between Rs. 64-66 Lakh in India.

Volvo EC140DL Excavator

With an operating weight capacity of 16730, this excavator model has surpassed all the work output expectations. Besides, the model can easily lift up to 3500 kg of materials. Moreover, with its powerful engine, the equipment can generate up to 105 HP. All these features together ensure high-end performance and productivity.

Additionally, with a maximum dig depth capacity of 6030 mm, the machine can facilitate excavation, quarrying, etc. Overall, the price of this Volvo Ec140dl ranges between Rs. 49-51 Lakh in India.

So, these were the top-selling heavy-duty equipment from CAT & Volvo. Want to know more about these two in detail? Then InfraJunction is the right platform for you.

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