Best Reasons Your Business Have an Instagram Profile

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A business being present on social networks is essential to be relevant in marketing. In addition to enabling a closer relationship with the public, having an Instagram profile is a great way to promote your brand and boost your sale. The network already has more than 1 billion active users worldwide, which is still in accelerated growth. In this article, we will talk about the importance of this social network in the marketing strategy of companies, and we will also give you eight reasons for creating an account right now for your Business. Buy Instagram Followers method provide followers for your business at very cheap rate.

The Importance of Instagram in your company’s digital marketing strategy

In addition to the critical factor of the number of users showing that your audience is on the network, Instagram is different for business profiles, offering an adapted profile with varying metrics for managing your online brand and the possibility of creating paid ads, Instagram for Business. Another point is that digital marketing strategies are gaining strength in the market every day. After all, in Brazil alone, almost 80% of the population has access to the internet – data from Terra – and the digital medium enables personalized and creative ways to promote your brand in a segmented way.

People spend much time with their smartphones, following news, jokes and friends’ posts there for click here and gain your followers. Therefore, it took only a short time for companies to realize the potential of being part of this movement. The network has very engaged and attentive users. Its presence on the platform modernizes its image in the market, creating a relationship with its customers based on relevant information.

The Reasons to Create an Instagram Account for Business

With so many people connected, there is no denying that, with a well-designed and executed strategy, it is possible to get excellent Business through Instagram. In addition, you can use it as a relevant attraction for your Inbound Marketing. Instagram for Business offers Instagram Insights, with metrics that will help you guide the construction of practical strategies with a considerable consistency of data on engagement and audience profile.

Focus on images

Images generate an almost immediate emotional connection compared to text because they are easily understood. Many Instagram users use the network to be entertained and inspired by photos and videos. Organizations that create captivating images instead of Instagram, a mere catalogue of products and services, are those concerned with transmitting the company’s values. This attitude generates empathy, attracts more followers and adds value to the brand.

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It is a great way to build solid branding that will give recognition to your brand and expose important information for the current consumer, such as purpose and positioning on critical social issues for society.

Integration with Facebook

Since Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, integration between networks has been simplified. When you post a new image to Instagram, you can automatically share it to your business Facebook page  — link the accounts. This helps publicize your publications and encourage your Facebook fans to follow your Instagram profile. Facebook’s Business Manager, you can run and track your ads and manage your pages and ad accounts – if you have more than one. You can also add collaborators or a partner agency to manage your Business and keep your profile completely separate from your business profile, which is essential.

Among the numerous benefits of integrating Facebook with Instagram, there is also Facebook Studio. This network tool enables the management, publication, monetization and metering of the contents of two social networks. It also helps to make the best use of financial resources invested in the platform and offers new monetization opportunities – if they are currently available.

Tag products

For those with a business profile on Instagram, receiving direct messages asking for prices and purchase information is very common. In this way, the network innovated once again and presented the possibility of creating its virtual catalogue linked directly to its website, leading the follower to the purchase in a quick and simplified way. Your Business needs to have a commercial on Instagram, segmented by your area of ​​expertise and make use of your Facebook Business Manager; that’s where the catalogue is created. It is also clear that your business profile needs to be linked to your brand’s fan page on Facebook within the platform.

Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are a simple and effective way to reach new people and convert them into followers. You are increasing your brand visibility and helping to drive sales of your Business. By tapping the “Promote” button within your publications, you can access an assistant that will guide you in creating an ad on the platform. With it, you can segment the target audience to which the ad will be served, set a budget and choose the campaign’s duration.

It is important to remember that the best way to manage and control ads is through Facebook’s Business Manager, in addition to getting more boosting options than direct Instagram Ads.

These ads are highly customizable and can be served in different formats, such as photos and carousels with sequences of pictures or videos and videos only. Among the types of campaigns the tool offers, we have the generation of clicks, conversions, download of applications and several other options.

Instagram Stories

The emergence of Snapchat shook several social networks, which soon sought to incorporate the novelty into the services they already provided. Among them, Instagram was the most successful in creating Stories. The functionality consists of posting images or videos with a short display and just 24 hours for viewing. Users widely use it to show situations, from everyday things to event participation.

Stories help give the brand more humanity, using less produced and artificial images. The practice of disclosing the company’s daily life behind the scenes and more specific and customizable subjects brings more fluidity and personality to the account. In business profiles, this is an excellent way to promote blog content, events and promotional actions. Also, if your profile has over 10,000 followers and you boost a post read more, you can insert a link to take the person to your website.


As with Facebook, you can promote life for your followers. This is a very effective way to do a workshop, a product demo and even interact with your audience. During the live, followers can send questions and comments, and you can answer them throughout the broadcast. Suppose your company is in the entertainment market. In that case, one more reason to bet on this feature is to overcome impediments to the segment during the current crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to social isolation, events of all kinds have become unfeasible. Guest Post

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